We work with our clients to fundamentally transform and top grade their sales leadership and sales organization. Our team understands what is needed to be a Chief Revenue Officer or Sales VP, because we’ve successfully held these positions and we have a strong track record of building and growing software and technology companies. We can hire talent faster and find stronger candidates for individual contributors and mid-level management as well, due to our vast network of relationships in the industry. Our experience spans early-stage and privately held businesses, as well as more mature public corporations. Our leadership has contributed to multiple company exits, successful IPOs, and hyper-growth of publicly traded companies.

FireOneCXO Partners

At FireOne, we know that it is critical to have the right talent who fits the culture and approach of the organization. The FireOne team will provide talent acquisition services with well-defined, comprehensive processes as part of our proven methodology. Our team has decades of experience as real-life operators, deep roots in the industry and expertise to position you for success.

We are focused on building a close working relationship with you to truly understand your needs, attract the best talent, deploy a rigorous vetting process, and provide you only world class candidates for your open positions.

FireOne can also step step in to provide interim sales leadership support to fill current gaps, working in lock-step with the team to gain an intimate understanding of your current situation, your challenges, success metrics and objectives. This immersion into your team and culture will help us build deep, firsthand knowledge and uniquely position us to recruit great talent with confidence.

We will build and/or drive the current management operating rhythm and stabilize the team as we hire the right sales leader for your organization. We will then enable efficient on-boarding for the new leader with comprehensive knowledge transfer to ensure quick wins and sustainable success.

Integration of the new sales leader

Most companies focus solely on onboarding a new sales executive. FireOneCXO Partners believes in integration of new executives. Integration suggests a more aspirational goal—doing what it takes to make the new person a fully functioning member of the team as quickly and smoothly as possible.

A sink-or-swim approach leaves too much to chance. In strategically vital executive roles throughout a company, sluggish transitions are expensive. And financial costs aside, the new executive’s “brand” and followership take a significant hit.

Well-integrated executives can build momentum early on rather than struggling with many unknowns. Our studies show that the average amount of time to reach full performance (making critical decisions with the right information in hand and having the right people in place to help execute) can be reduced from six months to two using FireOneCXO Partners.