FireOneCXO was selected by a $4B global software company to find senior executives in marketing, sales operations, and global sales leadership targeting specific vertical markets.

Some of the main considerations behind the company’s selection of FireOneCXO as their executive recruiting partner of choice were as follows:

  • Our managing partners all have held the seat in the C-Suite and board room. We have a strong understanding of C-Suite culture and challenges that differentiated us in recruiting the executive-level roles.
  • During the engagement, FireOne was consistently recognized for our ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the positions, what each would entail, the key objectives for the role to be successful, and what the mandate was for the new executives coming in.
  • An executive seat in a $4B dollar global company means the person will impact every area of the company. All our partners have been CROs in large companies and intimately know the nuances of cross-channel collaboration. We were able to conduct the recruitment process while maintaining harmonic congruence between the various departments and leaders.
  • The company’s leadership team had great success with candidates being provided by FireOne partly due to finding the cultural and DNA fit, not just looking at the candidate’s resume and hard skills. The hiring managers aligned with the candidates provided since we focused on ensuring the cultural attributes of the company were aligned with the candidates.
  • Unlike the largest executive recruiting firms focusing on the C-Suite, FireOne does retained searches with a fixed fee, which allowed our client to have no surprises on the budget and significantly reduced the search cost compared other firms.
  • Many recruiters, even at the executive level, are transactional by nature. What’s often missing is a true understanding of the problem that the client is trying to solve. Having a foundation of deep operator experience, FireOne digs a level deeper and asks the hard questions of all parties involved to ensure tight alignment and partnership around the critical priorities.

FireOne exceeded expectations, delivering top quality candidates in an accelerated timeline with the right qualifications and experience that helped set up the client company for success.

“FireOne understood our company strategy and vision right from the start. Knowing firsthand what it would take to realize our objectives, they brought us great executive talent who have proven to be extremely valuable in driving our next level of growth.”

CRO, Global Technology Company

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